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Ranking 1 & 2 - 25/26th June 2022

Due to Jellyfish at Poole Park the venue was changed to Longham Lakes. With two fleets, 9 races were managed each day. For both days the conditions remained constant with all boats using No.2 rig.


The top 3 for Ranking 1 were;

1. Tony Edwards

2. Darin Ballington

3. Rob Wilson

The top 3 for Ranking 2 were;

1. Craig Richards (on countback)

2. Tony Edwards

3. Graham Bantock

Everyone enjoyed the racing. A big thanks go to Poole RYC for organising the events. They did a great Job.

Ranking 1 Results

Ranking 2 Results

Pictures and Videos on Mike Millards Flickr Page

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